Football Studio is a video game that was created by Evolution Gaming.

We should clarify up front that the sport of interest in Evolution Gaming’s Live Dealer Football Studio is soccer, and not American or Canadian football. The good news is that you don’t have to be a huge fan of soccer to enjoy this Live Casino game because you don’t need to know anything about the sport to play. Of course, if you are a fan, you will find the game’s aesthetics relating to soccer to be especially pleasing.

Studio Presentation: Football

Anyone who watches soccer on TV regularly knows that the broadcasters and analysts usually give a preview of the game just before kickoff. Those same analysts will recap the action after the final buzzer has sounded and offer their thoughts on the game’s outcome during intermission. Football Studio was created to look quite like to the studios used for those discussions.

While the specific studio aesthetics change from show to program, a background depicting a floodlit stadium as seen by spectators is almost always included. A dealer operates from behind a gambling table styled after a football field, complete with upright goalposts. The HOME team’s side of the table is on the left, while the VISITORS’ side is on the right.

You can place your bets and chat with the dealer and other players using the straightforward layout display at the screen’s bottom. To the left of the screen is a ticker tape display with the most recent winners’ names. This ticker-display will be used to keep you abreast of the latest scores and events in actual soccer games as they occur.

Studio Football: Tactics and Drills

In Football Studio, the’scores’ of each team are determined by playing a very basic card game. Each team receives a single card, and the victor is determined by the highest card. In card games, the 2s through 10s have face value, and the Js, Qs, Ks, and Aces are valued higher than them.

Keep in mind that you might wager on a variety of possible outcomes in a single hand. Additionally, if you bet on the HOME or AWAY results and the DRAW, and the DRAW wins, you get back half of what you wagered on the HOME or AWAY outcomes.

Studio Football: Player Interaction

When comparing Football Studio to Evolution Gaming’s Dragon Tiger, you’ll see that they’re remarkably similar. Football Studio stands out from the competition thanks to its presentation and player-dealer interaction.

The dealer’s job here is more complicated than simply dealing out two cards to each player. Like the other guys here, he came to speak football with the group. You can discuss the latest game-related news, offer your thoughts, and ask questions. When matches are taking place and scores are being displayed on a ticker monitor, this feature can make you feel like you’re actually in a studio.

Of all, the vendors in Football Studio can only communicate so extensively because they are passionate about the sport. Even if they don’t root for the same teams as you, everyone has an opinion on the games being played and those that are coming up. If you spend enough time in Football Studio, you’ll start to respect the dealers’ unique perspectives. The card game itself may start to take a back seat to the company you keep while playing.

Studio Football: Game Plan

Football Studio does not provide a lot of opportunities for strategic wagering. We recommend putting all of your attention on the HOME and AWAY wagers. The DRAW is one of those seemingly desirable outcomes with relatively high chances, yet it is actually the poorest option on the table due to a big house edge.

If we translate this into percentages, the house has a 3% edge on a HOME or AWAY result, but almost a 30% edge on a DRAW. A basic technique that may be worth sticking to is avoiding the DRAW bet.

Football Studio wagers would be treated similarly to those placed on Red or Black in a game of roulette. Each hand, we’d make a hunch-based choice for the HOME or AWAY conclusion, or we’d narrow in on one and employ a staking technique to produce a profit. For instance, after a victory or three consecutive losses, we might re-bet on HOME using the 1, 2, 4 staking sequence.






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